More comments from participants and faculty

A wonderful and inspiring experience. I can't overestimate the quality of the faculty, format and participants.

—Cary Clack, 1997

This seminar is a sign that NCEW is acting and not only talking about the need for diversity in the media.

—Lee Hawkins, 1997

The NCEW Minority Writers’ Seminar was a tremendous learning experience, helping not only to expand my sense of career opportunities, but in offering practical guidance and feedback on how to be an effective editorial writer. It is a valuable professional development tool and helps to expand the diversity of opinion pages and columns.

—Javier Aldape, 1999

The critique sessions were intimidating going in but the positive tone and constructive criticism made them one of the best parts of the workshop

—Gloria Padilla, 2000

This seminar was basic enough to introduce opinion writing to those who’ve never done it, yet challenging enough to be useful to those of us who are there already. Please keep this seminar going.

—Leroy Chapman, 2000

The writing exercises, along with one-on-one feedback, various speakers and presentations, made for a very productive weekend.

—Marcus Franklin, 2001

There is no fat in this seminar. The speakers, panels, and exercises combined made for serious meat and potatoes.

—Callie Crossley, 2003

I found the seminar to be a real pragmatic way to improve the craft of editorial writing. It’s a great “boot camp” for anyone interested in becoming a more confident writer.

—Charita Goshay, 2004

Fantastic. Extremely well organized—all in all a very classy program.

—Hoa Nguyen, 2005

This seminar was a valuable experience and it was nice just to know there are other minorities out there doing the same thing on editorial boards.

—Pati Poblete, 2005

This is an incredible opportunity to learn and explore editorial writing. It will really change the landscape of the field in years to come, reflecting diversity of age and ethnicity.

—Nhien Nguyen, 2006

I didn’t really know much about editorial writing before I attended the seminar. The fact that I am now considering it speaks strongly of the effectiveness of this seminar.

—Jenna Cho, 2006